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Insta Pro is 100% safe and secure. Insta Pro is verified through multiple malware and virus protection platforms like TotalAV, Norton 360 Antivirus, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Surfshark Antivirus, and Malwarebytes. If you are still worrying about the safety feel free to cross-check. Every update you will get from Instapro will be safe and you can enjoy Instapro without any worry.

What is Insta Pro APK?

An enhanced version of Instagram called InstaPro Apk provides a tonne of additional features at no cost.

It allows you to add posts to your highlights, edit the layout of the app, apply stylish effects to your videos, and even browse stories privately.

InstaPro, which is another name for Instagram Pro, allows you to download reels, pictures, and videos directly to your phone.

In addition, you can adjust layouts and fonts, hide when you’re online, and do a tonne of other functions that are not available in the standard Instagram app.

Fans of Instagram love Instagram Pro APK. A developer by the name of Sam made it in late 2019 and it took off right away.

Now, it has millions of users who prefer it over the standard Instagram app. This shows how much InstaPro has changed the way people use social media.

What is Insta Pro 2 APK?

As compared to Insta Pro, Insta Pro 2 is a much more advanced version. Maybe this is the reason, this APK is called version 2.

With the help of version 2, you can watch anyone’s reels and accounts without notifying them. That means, all the features you will get from the Pro version, you will get more from Pro 2.

If you compare them with a developer’s eyes then you will find a Pro version like Microsoft, on the other hand, Pro 2 will be Apple. Now, let’s take a look at the features.

You will get more theme options for your feed layout.

You can set up different pin, passwords, or patterns for different chats

You can decide who can check your stories and profile.

With the multi-language feature, you can

You can integrate Top Follow with Insta Pro 2 to get more features

You can increase or decrease your image quality

All the combination features are packed with Insta Pro 2


Hide Online Status

Airplane Mode

Status Download

Auto Reply

Media Sharing

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Nice and simple

Internet is everywhere and people are using social media more and more. Instagram stands alone among all the social media apps due to its popularity and features.

You can share your photos and short videos on Instagram that your followers and other Instagram users can see without a problem and all thanks go to the internet and Instagram.

Not only this, people on Instagram are making a profit using ads. But people don’t like ads, insecure chats, regular themes, popular languages, etc.

For example, if you want to download a reel and at the end you are watching, the reel is not allowed to download. Your chat is open to your family or close friends.

That’s where Insta Pro comes in to remove all the restrictions.

Best Features of Insta Pro

The pro version of Instagram is fully packed with features and privacy. To get next-level experience Pro version is always better. And it’s time to disclose some awesome features that make a special Pro version.

Download anything

As I told you earlier, you can download any media using our Pro version even if content is not allowed to download. Now, you don’t need to save, you can directly download your favorite media from Instagram.

No more ads

Ads are irritating. You are enjoying reels and suddenly ads appear. You will find this irritation mostly in stories. Stories are given to showcase days’ best time and you are checking your favorite person’s but ads will come to disturb you. Use the Pro version and say goodbye to ads.

Make it yours

You can only make your Instagram dark or light if you are using official Instagram, you can’t change the theme, chat look, or fonts. Different people have different choices but to make your choice work for you, Pro version features will help you to get yours. So, are you willing to change, the theme, fonts, and chat look?

Keep it private!

Your close friends and some of your family members can check your Instagram chat when you are away from your phone or with your opinion. But have you ever thought, by using the Pro version’s features you can lock every chat? Yeah, you can do this.

Save stories easily

Sometimes without the internet making fun of your favorite creator from their Instagram reels can you joyful. But the problem is you can’t download every media that you see on Instagram. Don’t worry, the Pro version is here to make this possible. Download reels, and stories and enjoy them without the internet.

Manage two accounts!

Yeah, you have heard it right. You don’t need to log out to switch your account category. You can use your account, personal and business on a single pro app that you will get from our site.

Post high-quality photos

Clicking high-quality images and posting them with the same resolution can’t be done with normal Instagram. If you do this, the quality of your images will be compromised. Sometimes we have emotions with our photos and reels but at the time of posting, we lose that because photos or videos will be blurred and will not contain the same clarity. With the help of the Pro version, you can upload high-quality images or videos without losing the actual resolution.

Chat securely

We are social but we all have secrets. If you have then you can use the Pro version to keep your private chat encrypted using the Pro version. No one can check your secret chat or love life even your close friends.

Share longer videos

Uploading long videos on Instagram can be a challenging task and users hate this. Fortunately, the Pro version has the feature to make this task easy for you. So, next time you can share a long video on Instagram, with your friends you can also enjoy your long-term video.

No worries about bans

This time, so many accounts are banning Instagram. Sometimes without doing any bad activities, Instagram can ban your account. Along with all the features that we have shared with you, anti-ban is another great one.

See what matters

I love this one. You can manage your feed to show the posts from your favorite content creator. That means, whatever post you want to see, now you can decide with the help of the Pro version. Hopefully, you will never miss this opportunity.

Never miss a thing

Now customize your notifications system. If you don’t want to receive like’s notification, you can turn it off. You can do a similar thing with comments and messages. Get ready to make it yours!

Talk to anyone

More than 7000 languages are spoken worldwide. There is no surety, that people are following you will speak the same language that you speak. Even if you are from the same country, every area has a local language. One of your followers has commented on your post but you don’t know the language which he/she used. Maybe you will use the default translator. Will you get the same follow that you will in the actual language? No. Then what to do? Use the Pro version and get the same follow that you are getting in your local language.

Insta Pro vs Instagram comparison

How to Install Insta Pro APK?

From your phone’s settings turn on “Unknown Sources”.

To find it, you can follow Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Locate the downloaded APK that you have just downloaded from our website.

Click on the APK file and wait for Installation or you can follow the screenshots.

Insta Pro Installation process

Get the app now!

Ever wished you could get the cool features of Insta Pro on your iPhone? Unfortunately, it’s not possible right now.

Here’s the deal: iPhones have very strong security that prevents installing apps from outside the official App Store. This keeps your phone safe from harmful software.

While Insta Pro sounds tempting, for now, iPhone users can’t enjoy it.

However, there are always exciting updates for the official Instagram app. Keep an eye out for new features that might be similar to what Insta Pro offers!

To download, click on ‘Download for iOS’ if you’re an iOS user. If you’re an Android user, you already know what to do.

os upgrade

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Can I download photos and videos using Insta Pro?

Yes, you can.

Is Insta Pro available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, it is.

Can I use my existing Instagram account with Insta Pro?

Yes, you can use it. To make your privacy more accurate, you can use your newly made account credentials.

Can I run Insta Pro and Instagram on the same device?

Without having any issues, you can use Insta Pro and Instagram smoothly.

Is it costly?

We have already cleared it’s free to use. So, yes it’s totally free to use.

How do I create an Insta Pro account?

Just visit the profile section and click on “edit profile” and then click on “switch to professional account”.


An upgraded and even more feature-rich version of Instagram is called InstaPro APK as you already know. After using InstaPro, a lot of users find it difficult to go back to the standard Instagram app due to its wide range of features. It eliminates those obtrusive sponsored adverts and offers you more privacy control. With each update, the InstaPro app gets better and better, with features like call and message services added. Despite having a similar appearance to the standard Instagram app, InstaPro offers a few special capabilities. You can download pictures and videos, copy and translate text, and even apply the built-in translator while in a chat. This facilitates the understanding of texts written in many languages. In comparison to the official Instagram app, the InstaPro APK offers a great deal more versatility and customization choices.

Insta Pro and Insta Pro 2 are here with additional versions that you will get from our website. The main purpose is to make your Instagram journey more and more interesting with organic likes, comments, and followers. Insta Pro will give you a smooth experience that normal Instagram can't.


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